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jg pistol buckle

OUR JUNK GYPSY custom designed pistol buckle!

gorgeous OLD West style revolver with ornate scrollwork detailing and a JG logo embedded in the design!

and on the back . . . as our dad always says, "shoot LuKE or give up your guns!"

custom old-WEST style pistol buCKLE....add it to your fave vintage belt strap!

heavyweight silverplate pewter construction.

made to last the years!!!

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Boom Pow!!
I've been keepin' my eye on this buckle for awhile and finally decided to get it. And boy, let me tell ya, I'm so glad I did! This buckle is a head turner! It is very easy on the eyes with all the ornate detailing and it is Texas-sized big and bad. This buckle will add a little "boom pow!" to any outfit, so do yourself a favor and get this buckle!!
Amazing belt buckle!
Whoa, Nellie! This is the coolest belt buckle I have ever seen! Love it! Looks great with my new black tooled leather belt, too!
awesome statement buckle!!
this JG pistol buckle is big and it's bad!!! I get tons of compliments every time I wear this buckle. It looks great with jeans and boots or a sundress! an awesome buckle to add to your collection!!

3 Item(s)

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