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gypsy daddy's cornbread


HERE it is . . . something we've always wanted to do .  . .BRING our dad's FAMouS buttermilk crispy cornbread to your house! he learned this recipe from his mom at their farm in arkansas . . . read our blog all about his famous buttermilk biscuits here!

SO . . after grueling hours of product taste testing (yes, we suffer for yall) :) . . we've finally perfected the PERFECT GypSY DADDY cornbread mix!

just follow the directions . . . heat up your best CAST IRON skillet (yes, this makes a HUGE DIFFERENCE) and pop em in the oven. . .

just add gravy, butter, or whatever fits your fancy!

XXoXoxoxo . . from our kitchen to yall's!!!



-unbleached white flour

-baking powder

-baking soda


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