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The way I see it, life is a beautiful adventure. A wild, magical, chaotic, madly-beautifully-unplanned adventure.

There is something great and inspiring and liberating about hitting the open road…driving with the windows rolled down, Janis Joplin cranked up, letting your hair and all your worries blow in the wind…in search of something new.

Something different. Something yet to be discovered out there in the wild blue yonder.

That’s how we, my mom-Janie…she’s the relentless, never-say-die fanatic of all things junky, my sister-Amie…the eclectic, wild-at-heart creative soul, and myself-Jolie…the true-blue southern girl with an undying love for junk & biscuits, got caught up in a business that has taken our lives down a path we never could have planned for.

There were no stodgy business plans for this ride . . . just grassroots dreams and a whole lotta faith! We set out to find a great business, but instead found a great life.

It all started long, long ago in a one-light town – Overton, Texas. Our little Mayberry…where the twang is as thick as the gossip, the folks are friendly, and the football field is a spiritual experience.

Amie and I were raised in a hard-working, down-to-Earth family. Our parents, Janie and Phillip, opened Overton’s first, and finest pizza restaurant, when we were just kids. We didn’t know it then but we were learning the basics of business firsthand.

Basics that can’t be taught in a textbook. Through mopping floors, baking pizzas, and learning from our customers and co-workers, our pride of knee-scrapin’ hard work and our entrepreneurial genes laid the foundation for the road ahead.

After graduating college, Amie began an 8-5 job in Austin sporting business suits and matching pumps. Although she found the fast-paced political world intriguing, she quickly grew tired of endless traffic, runners in her stockings, and water cooler gossip. She longed to let her hair down and release the inner gypsy. she decided to follow her heart and go in search of her wildest dreams… she loaded her car, stashed that law school acceptance letter in her glove box, bid her co-workers farewell, and cruised out of the corporate world on a wing and a prayer.

As the younger sister, I had also graduated from college and tasted the big-city life in Houston…on the horizon, skyscrapers replaced majestic pine trees…concrete replaced grass…smog replaced the stars. I quickly realized the conventional 8-5 gigjust didn’t fit my style. the wild blue yonder called my name. so I did what any good gypsy would do…I answered the call and blew out of the metropolitan world in search of green pastures and open roads.

As we both drove north, we knew that the city never looked as good as it did at that moment … in the rearview mirror.

Boundless determination and big-time dreams brought Amie, mom, and me together as The Junk Gypsy Co. and the rest is history! And yes…our dad jumped on the gypsy wagon with us as we traveled to junkier latitudes…we were reunited again…as a family and as business partners. And we wouldn’t have it any other way!

So that is how it all began…with a little bit of faith and a whole lotta heart and soul. we traveled like gypsies collecting roadside treasures and tattered grandeur, meeting kindred spirits and storybook characters along the way.

And that’s how we became THE JUNK GYPSIES…and we reside in our junky little town of Gypsyville (actually Round Top, Texas population 90)…The raucous and rowdy home of gypsies, junkers, dreamers, and true-blue rebels across the globe!

We believe every man’s trash is truly our treasure, junking is a way of life, and garage sales are our Rodeo Drive. We’d rather be at a flea-market collecting chippy-peely castoffs than anywhere else. It’s not just what we do, it’s who we are.

We are the JUNK GYPSY COMPANY, Purveyors of the World’s finest JuNK, bringing you goods that are everything we are - a little bit hippie, a little bit rock n’ roll, a little bit southern-fried, and a whole lot of GYpSy-fide!

To all of you . . . . WELCOME HOME!



1998 we began traveling across Texas setting up at flea markets
2000 The first t-shirt was designed - WELL-behaved WOmen RARely MAKe history!
2004 the first Junk-O-Rama Prom!!!
2004 we start gettin’ some amazing press! INtouch Weekly, Country Home, Country Weekly, Houston Chronicle, FORTUNE Small BIz , E! News & more!
2005 JG creates Miranda Lambert's now legendary GUNS n' WIngs logo & designs the "MAMA TRIED" tank that appears in her FAMOus KEROSENE video!
2006 NBC’s Today Show features JG & Southwest airlines SPirit magazine
2007 JG Junk-A-Fies a tour bus for Miranda Lambert
2007 tour bus featured on CMT, GAC & COuNTry LIVINg magazine!
2007 Macy’s commissions JG to design Junk Couture dresses & merch for the Glamorama charity event
2008 featured on TEXAS COuntry REporter! COwboys & INdians mag, Country Living’s “crafting a business” book, and more .
2010 we create “HOtel California” backstage lounge for AUstin City Limits fest! with the EAGLES headlining
2011 we design Miranda Lambert & Blake Shelton's wedding reception (see photos here on our BLOG!)
2011 JG creates the Pistol Annie's logo
2012 “Junk Gypsies” premieres on HGTV (get it on itunes here!)
2012 we design an AiRstream for Dierks Bentley!
(see amazing pics here from april pizana photography!)

we get tons of love from press!! the TODAY SHow,  HOuSton CHronicle, Austin American Statesman, GLAMOUR magazine,

 MARyJAne’s FARm, WonderWALL, HGTV mag  and  moreeee!!!!


Garage Sale Wars premieres on HGTV!


 WHERE WOMEN COOK article features the JUNK GYPSIES in the kitchen! 




the second season of JUNK GYPSIES premieres on GREAT AMERICAN COUNTRY