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the belle concho belt

The BELLE concho belt is a must-have for your closet! THis is a belt that NEVER goes out of style! will be a classic for the rest of time. . .

From classic ralph lauren to rock n' roll legend jimi hendrix to 1990s JoN BOn JOvi to HILLBilly DeLUxe DWIGHt Yoakam . . to MIranda lambert in KERosene. . . this is the true CONCHO belt style . . that always works!

SMALLER conchos than our MONA Montana belt.

we can't live without our concho belts. . .

heavy-weight silver plate conchos on chocolate colored leather strap.

you may want to order one larger size than normal if you want to wear low on your hips.

model, ranell, is wearin' a small.

Meaurements for belt:

M- fits from size 33"-35"

L- fits from size 34.5"-36.5"

XL- fits from size 37"-39"

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