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tipsy texan - spirits & cocktails from the lone star state


The TIPSY texan.... all texans and texans at HEART need this book!! David Alan, A Texas bartending authority takes you on a tipsy tour of the best cocktails, bars, and distilleries of the Lone Star state.... and it's full of amazingggg recipes too...Recipes include the author's own creations, as well as classic cocktails with local and regional twists, such as the Old Austin, a Texas update on the Old Fashioned, sweetened with toasted pecan syrup. The Peach Tom Collins is a simple variation on the classic that tastes like Hill Country in a glass. As the summer recedes and the trees begin to bear fall fruits, the Harvest Punch showcases local rum, seasonal spices, and fresh pressed apple cider. Winter may come and go in the blink of an eye, at least in the state's southernmost parts, but there's at least enough time for a bowl of Absinthe Eggnog or a Golden Sleigh, an eggnog variation on the old Golden Cadillac. Succulent red grapefruits—the crown jewels of Texas's indigenous cocktail ingredients from the Rio Grande valley—figure prominently here.

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