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motivate room & body spray


Beat the mid day grogginess and lack of focus with the light and energizing scent of MOTIVATE. The Hippie Homesteader MOTIVATE Room and Body Spray is a great way to deliver invigorating aromatherapy benefits of pure essential oils all while freshening your environment. Use to freshen your car, yoga mat, home, or as a chemical free perfume alternative.


Lime: Uplifting, Promotes Mental Clarity, and Boosts Creativity

Rosemary: Improves Memory, Increases Mental Clarity, Reduces Emotional Stress

Pine Needle: Increases Mental Alertness, and Reduces Stress and Tension

Peppermint: Combats Fatigue, Promotes Wellbeing, and Increases Mental Alertness

  • Ingredients

    distilled water, witch hazel, MOTIVATE essential oil blend (lime, rosemary, pine needle, peppermint)

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