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temple perfume oil

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the temple oils . .  .  we are all addicted to this stuff.. the Amber oil is the best seller, but all scents are amazing.

super concentrated oil perfume...just a dab of it on your wrists, or run it through your hair . . and you are good to go.. and this little bottle will last FOREVER. 

-1/3 oz bottle **safe for external use only. 

Dressing Room Diaries: A customer and staff FAV!! The scent lasts all day and wears really well. I like to layer scents together for a more customized scent. Amber and vanilla together is my go to combo. People always ask what I am wearing when I am wearing it!! Depending on how strong you want your scent to be depends on how quickly you will go through it. Even with a heavy hand, it will last a good while!
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