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beeswax honey pot

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Serve raw honey the way nature and her honeybees intended: out of pure beeswax! Wow your friends by adding this to a charcuterie board, a pancake breakfast or teatime. This unique serving pot is sure to be a conversation starter. Want some fun talking points to show off your knowledge of bees, honey and wax? Tell them that bees need to visit about a million flowers to make the honey in this beeswax pot. One bee makes only 1/12 a teaspoon of honey in her lifetime. A honeybee visits 50-100 flowers each trip and a colony of bees is about 40,000 bees (give or take 20,000.) Only female bees make honey; in fact, they do ALL the work in the hive.

When you run out of honey rinse the inside of your pot with cold water and let air dry.

Holds approximately 7oz honey.

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