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crown glass ornament

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There is something great & inspiring and liberating about hitting the open road...driving with the windows rolled down, willie nelson cranked up, letting your hair & all your worries blow in the search of something new. Something different. Something yet to be discovered out there in the wild blue yonder. 

That's how we got caught up in a business that has taken our lives down a path we never could have planned for. 

There were no stody business plans for this ride...just grassroots dreams and a whole lotta faith! We set out to find a great business, but instead found a great life. 

One of our favorite traditions is to buy christmas ornaments everywhere we our tree ends up being a family album of all the places we've been over the years. We hope you love these ornaments as much as we do!

xoxo the junk gypsies 

3" x 4" mercury glass ornament

comes in an amazing gift box!

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