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Blue Stallion Gift Set of 9 3.5 oz Soap Bars with Box

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If you’ll indulge the pun, this soap truly raises the bar. With a luxe-lather you need to see to believe, this nourishing formula packs even more punch with hydrating and anti-oxidant acacia honey and almond milk. Skin is left cleansed, soft, and ever-so-slightly fragranced in that ‘is that me that smells so amazing?” kind of way.


  • 9 soap bars in scents of:
  • Bali Bloom - Featuring notes of: Ylang-Ylang, Green, Cedarwood
  • Coco Cream - Featuring notes of: Coconut, Salt, Wood
  • Guava Blossom - Featuring notes of: Japanese Guava, Citrus Hibiscus
  • Honeybee Delight - Featuring notes of: Honey-Sweet, Peach, Osmanthus
  • Jasmine Joy - Featuring notes of: Jasmine, Mint
  • Orange Tango - Featuring notes of: Citrus, Tropical Fruits
  • Peach Brulee - Featuring notes of: Peach, Osmanthus, Dark Roasted Vanilla
  • Pure - Fragrance Free
  • Rosewater Blush - Featuring scent of: Rosewater


  • Gift Set of 9 Soap Bars 3.5oz each 
  • Lather to create a rich foam that cleanses and moisturizes the skin
  • Highly moisturizing and hydrating soap that features extracts rich in vitamins and minerals 
  • Almond milk and acacia honey base helps soothe dry skin, support skin rejuvenation with antioxidant extracts, reduce the look of skin ruddiness (intense nourishment) and promotes optimal skincare
  • Ideal for most skin types: paraben free, phosphate free, sulfate free, vegan & not tested on animals
  • Includes exclusive Blue Stallion collector box 
  • Country of Origin: Mexico
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