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earth's elements essential oil roll-on

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Variations are pictured in this order:
Focus (Royal Blue Sodalite)
Love (Rose Quartz)
Abundance (Cirtrine)
Intuition (Flourite)
Manifest (Clear Quartz)
Spirit (Amethyst)
Protection (Tiger's Eye)
Passion (Red Jasper)

Focus Organic Roll-On
Oils: Peppermint & Lemon
Gemstone Sodalite: stone of mind, spirituality and intuition. Creates harmony in the mind during difficult times.

Love Organic Roll-On
Oils: Rose Oil & Lavender
Gemstone Rose Quartz: stone of unconditional love, enhances capacity for empathy and compassion.

Abundance Organic Roll-On
Oils: Frankincense, Geranium & Lavender
Gemstone Citrine: brings prosperity, success and abundance.

Intuition Organic Roll-On
Oils: Patchouli & Lavender
Gemstone Fluorite: facilitates mental enhancement and clarity, improves decision making, cleans the energy fields.

Manifest Organic Roll-On
Oils: Cedarwood & Orange
Gemstone Clear Quartz: knows as the master healer, it amplifies any energy or intention.

Spirit Organic Roll-On
Oils: Lavender & Sage
Gemstone Amethyst: stimulates and soothes the mind and emotions. It helps calm the nervous system to bring peace and purification.

Protection Organic Roll-On
Oils: Palo Santo & Frankincense
Gemstone Tiger’s Eye: a stone of protection, helps release fear and anxiety promoting mental clarity. It stimulates taking action and personal power.

Passion Organic Roll-On
Oils: Cedarwood, Patchouli & Rose Oil
Gemstone Red Jasper: carries grounding energy, brings strength and insights to take action toward new opportunities
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