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Leather Fiesta Dog Collar -- Medium Thick

we are IN LOVE with these fiesta embroidered dog collars!

this listing is for size medium dog collars, which are the following measurements:

Medium | Mediano:
13- 17'' long, 1.5'' wide.

the color options are pictured in order:

1) purple leather with rainbow threads

2) brown leather with black & white threads

3) dark blue leather with green, navy, yellow & red threads

these are all handmade, so colors all vary each shipment we get. if you are not sure what option is what, please give us a call and we can help you out!

A portion of every purchase goes directly to CEI to help rehabilitate animals in Mexico. Your purchase supports this amazing cause and animals!

Collars and leashes are handmade by a group of female artisans. Each item is one of a kind and will look stunning on your pet!

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