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old maid card game

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The game of Old Maid was originally played in the 19th century with a standard deck of 52 and the Old Maid as the black queen. To prevent her from having a match, another queen was omitted.
This rare version of a classic game was discovered on Martha's Vineyard and reproduced in exactness to the antique set.

This game comprises nine sets of cards and one odd card. The four cards of a character are numbered alike. The odd card represents the "Old Maid."
Any number of players from three to six may join in the game. Deal all the cards with faces down one at a time.
The player on the left of the dealer draws a card from his right hand neighbor, and then if possible matches one of more pairs, which he plays, faces up, to the center of the table.
When this player has made all the matches possible of if he cannot make any, the next player to the left plays in the same manner, and the game proceeds till all the pairs are matched and the player then holding the odd card is declared to be the "Old Maid."

3 x 4" cards.
38 cards, including Old Maid and instruction card.
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