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silk filled comforter

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this is the perfect for sleepers with high body heat. Recommended for lightweight warmth and suitable for year-round use.

Natural silk filling is light and very supple and constantly equalizes temperature. Silk is the least allergenic of the natural fibers.

The natural silk filling has natural cooling properties. Degummed silk threads have a very high permeability to air. Silk absorbs moisture well and quickly. Moisture is quickly released as silk is fast drying.

The organic structure of silk is very similar to human skin, allowing your skin to breathe. Silk can absorb moisture, making silk cool in the summer and warm in the winter. These factors contribute to a relaxing, healthy sleep. This is an all-natural product.  Made in Germany.

Year-Round Comfort

Filling: Natural Silk

Cover: Silk

Color: Natural

Twin                68” x 86”

Queen           90” x 94”

King                108” x 94”

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