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Wild Beauty Bamboo Kimono Duster Robe with Peacock Print

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Majesty, luxury, and good luck! Peacocks — symbols of strength, confidence, luck, and royalty — have been celebrated for their glorious and colourful plumage throughout history. This remarkable piece features several joyful, deliciously rich artworks from the 1600’s by Dutch painter Melchior d’Hondecoeter in a lush palette of crimson, ochre, and cerulean blue. The whimsical trim is a peacock toile print created using a reconstructed French textile fragment from the same era.

100% bamboo/wood viscose.

Machine wash gentle or handwash and hang to dry.

Kimono meaurements: length 118cm, width 78 cm (across back, underarm to underarm).

Model is 5’9” for reference.

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