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witches brew candle

Fragrance notes: patchouli, violet, clove

For as long as there have been tales of witches, there have been whispers about mysterious magical potions they create. Many 'witches' were skilled healers who didn't fit social norms and were thus misunderstood and sometimes persecuted. This rarely stopped those who wished to attain their services of healing and spell crafting for desires such as love, money, or power. These 'witches brews' began as innocent herbal blends and were eventually embellished into fantastical and horrifying tales of diabolical concoctions created in cauldrons by evil witches who live deep in the woods.

This fragrance pays homage to witches of yore in the most aromatically bewitching way. Get out your eye of newt, wool of bat, and toe of frog; it's time to make some witches brew! Our potent potion begins with a smoky base of pungent dark patchouli. The addition of intoxicating violets brings a timeless floral aroma with the power to transform a heavy base such as patchouli into something new and unexpectedly delightful. Top notes of cinnamon and clove give this magical brew a touch of familiarity and warmth. Bow to the power of this earthy, captivating, and mysteriously ancient fragrance.

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