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ThE LEgEND & LoRE of Junk Gypsy Junk-o-Rama Prom . . .

What started as a simple ode to the forgotten prom dress magically took a life of its own one night at the fleamarket.

During Texas Antiques Week many years ago, we noticed the forgotten glory and beauty of a pile of vintage prom dresses and decided to pay tribute by hosting our own little “JuNK-O-RaMA Prom”. We scavenged the grounds, scooped up vintage dresses and all played dress-up under the Texas stars one night.

There were a handful of customers and several junkers (aka – vendors) ..we drank sangria, took silly pictures, practically danced holes in our boots, had lots of laughs and were completely oblivious to the fact that Junk-O-Rama Prom would soon become a legendary twice yearly event.

Now, over 18 years later, Junk-O-Rama Prom has become a cultural crossroads of sights and sounds and people. And, we firmly believe, the happiest place on Earth for one breath-taking evening in Texas. Under the big ol’ southern stars you

will find a celebration for all ages and all walks of life . . . . an evening where (like in Luckenbach) everybody truly is somebody!

It is now much larger than a ‘handful of folks’…nowadays you probably couldn’t stir ‘em with a stick!

It’s a magical evening..complete with a makeshift stage for the band, made out of our latest, greatest fleamarket finds, a million and one twinkling Christmas lights, and glittery chandeliers hanging out of the trees in front of our store in Round Top, Texas. 

And of course, everyone’s favorite – the old outhouse turned photobooth . . .

So this evening, that culminated out of not much more than a pile of dusty old prom dresses and our desire to just have fun, has become something that we are just happy to be a part of! There’S been star-studded guests (MiranDA LamBERT, RachEL AShWELL, KaCey Musgraves, and rumors of Willie NElson!), it’s been featured by CounTRY LiVING magazine, the ToDAY ShoW , and by a University of Texas film student documentary, MaryJAne‘s Farm & more! . . and we . . . well, we just feel really darn LuCKY to be a part of something that makes us all so happy !

So for as long as we can . . . we are gonna be dancin’ in our cowgirl boots underneath the stars at JuNk-o-RAmA Prom!

see ya on PROm NIGht!

noteworthy blogs & photo credits on GOrgeous prom pics:
APRIL PIZANA, GYPSYheart photography, KEELY marie Scott