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ThE LEgEND & LoRE of Junk Gypsy Junk-o-Rama Prom . . .

What started as a simple ode to the forgotten prom dress magically took a life of its own one night at the fleamarket.

During the TExas Antiques Show several years ago, we noticed the forgotten glory and beauty of a pile of vintage prom dresses aNd decided to pay tribute by hosting our own little “JuNK-O-RaMA Prom”. We scavenged the grounds, scooped up vintage dresses and all played dress-up under the TExas stars one night.

There were a handful of customers and several junkers (aka – vendors) ..we drank sangria, took silly pictures, practically danced holes in our boots, had lots of laughs and were completely oblivious to the fact that JuNK-O-RaMA PRom would soon become a legendary twice yearly event.

NOw, almost a decade later, JunK-o-RaMA Prom has become a cultural crossroads of sights and sounds and people. ANd, we firmly believe, the happiest place on EaRTH for one breath-taking evening in Texas. Under the big ol’ southern stars you

will find a celebration for all ages and all walks of life . . . . an evening where everybody truly is somebody!

It is now much larger than a ‘handful of folks’…nowadays you probably couldn’t stir ‘em with a stick!

It’s a magical evening..complete with a makeshift stage for the band, made out of our latest, greatest fleamarket finds, a million and one twinkling ChriSTmas lights, and glittery chandeliers hanging out of the trees near our tent in this Texas cow pasture.

AnD of course, everyone’s favorite – the old outhouse turned photobooth! The original OUTHouSE from ZaPP HaLL grounds… now it famously (and infamously) stands as our OFFiCIAL photobooth!

Retrofitted in true JuNK GYpSY fashion! Posh, tattered velvet curtains, old oil paintings and its own little chandelier making it the most happening outhouse on the planet!

So this evening, that culminated out of not much more than a pile of dusty old prom dresses and our desire to just have fun, has become something that we are just happy to be a part of! There’S been star-studded guests (MiranDA LamBERT, RachEL AShWELL, KaCey Musgraves, and rumors of Willie NElson!), it’s been featured by CounTRY LiVING magazine, the ToDAY ShoW , and by a University of Texas film student documentary, MaryJAne‘s Farm & more! . . and we . . . well, we just feel really darn LuCKY to be a part of something that makes us all so happy !

So for as long as we can . . . we are gonna be dancin’ in our cowgirl boots underneath the stars at JuNk-o-RAmA Prom!

see ya on PROm NIGht!

noteworthy blogs & photo credits on GOrgeous prom pics:
APRIL PIZANA, GYPSYheart photography, KEELY marie Scott